Whenever we face a complex challenge in business, politics, society, science or in a private situation we should model. Cause and effect models help to grasp the interplay of the situation’s underlying factors.

The iMODELER is probably the leading tool for modeling, for the visualization and analysis of  interconnections.

You have the choice between:

  1. BulletQualitative modeling, to answer:
    What should we do, what has probably the biggst impact?”


  1. BulletQuantitative Modeling, to answer:
    “How will something probably develop over time?”    

The iMODELER(+) works as a webbased Service Version (all OSs, incl. iOS, Android etc.) or as an locally installed Desktop Version (Win, Linux, Mac). The iMODELER features only qualitative modeling while the iMODELER+ features also quantitative modeling.



I model - therefore iM